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Rescuing the rest in Columbia
Praying people are the 'special forces' of God. They undertake the humanly impossible and show that all things are possible with God.

Mexico's high ideals
The Christ is as present today to overcome violence and corruption as it was 2,000 years ago.

A year after Columbine
By looking to God for guidance on how to think and act, we can feel the assurance of everlasting life. Leaning on God is plugging in to the divine source of peace, which is universl and impartial. C.S. Monitor, April 2000

Searching for the ideal lifestyle is something like looking for the illusive fountain of youth. Perhaps the key to long life is moral and spiritual rather than physical. C.S. Monitor, June 2000

Bumblebees and business
Admid deadlines and demands, the calm thought or loving look graces a project and everyone in it. Like a refreshing breeze, the soft word encourages and rejuvenates the sagging spirit. C.S. Monitor, October 2000

All good gifts around us
There's no one season in which God gives gifts. Every week we can find blessings in our lives - actually daily, and moment by moment. C.S. Monitor, November 1999

Blessings that don't melt
Goodness isn't an accumulation of events. God's goodness is felt in inspired thoughts. C.S. Monitor, February 2001

'Women of Courage and Vision'
The National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY, celebrates women year round and recognizes them for achievements of enduring value. C.S. Monitor, March 2001

The other Woods
The example of individuals like Granville Woods, a 19th century inventor, is encouraging. The willingness to devote thought to a worthy purpose leads to higher levels. C.S. Monitor, February 2001

From loneliness to love
When no one is there to encourage, Love approves of you. God loves you with an overflowing love that never ceases. C.S. Monitor, February 2001

A shoebox of valentines
When you appreciate what's good about people, it gets spread around. That's the best kind of valentine. C.S. Monitor, February 2001

Rosh Hashana
What a beautiful tradition to celebrate a New Year by acknowledging God as the creator, the originator or all! C.S. Monitor, September 2000

The last laugh
Humor may help put situations in a better perspective. It can help us to realize that God is greater than any problem. C.S. Monitor, September 2000

The gratitude game
Take a few minutes and think of all the good things that have happened during the day and then be grateful for them. C.S. Monitor, August 2000

The qualities expressed by children and grandparents are so conplementary, like jelly and peanut butter. It's possible to keep them separate, but they're so much better together! C.S. Monitor, March 2000

Freedom of South Africa
Your prayer matters. It reaches the heart and strengthens the weak, regardless of distance, for God is there. C.S. Monitor, February 2000

Feast of Dedication
While the first Feast of Dedication took place over 2000 years ago, the lessons in devotion, courage, and strength are just as applicable today. Standing firmly for the supremacy of the one God, we are blessed. C.S. Monitor, December 1999

When Traditions Oppose
Class, distinction, pride, and tradition are mental influences still to be addressed. C.S. Monitor, September 1998

Grace under pressure
Celebrating Professional Secretaries Day gives us an opportunity to express gratitude to those who reflect the grace of God. C.S. Monitor, April 1998

Cinco de Mayo
For me, Cinco de Mayo will always mean allowing nothing to steal our joy. C.S. Monitor, May 1998

True Fatherhood
One man asked, 'How can I honor someone who hasn't done anything honorable?' C.S. Monitor, June 1998

Human and Divine Rights
Promoting human rights can open the way to seeing more of our divine rights. C.S. Monitor, July 1998

Prayer and the Presidency
Affirming that God's will does govern on earth is praying in the manner Jesus prayed. C.S. Monitor, September 1998

Are You Cranky Today?
Practice the opposite of crankiness, i.e. grace. There is a divine inflluence pouring out to each and every one of us inspiration, confidence, creativity. C.S. Monitor, October 1998

Islam and Christianity
Because God is truly One, He is the Father of all. There is no other power or creator. C.S. Monitor, November 1998

God governs even the small things
Growing in our understanding of His laws of good opens a whole new approach to handling problems. Even the minutiae of daily life are governed by God. C.S. Monitor, December 1998

One Supreme Authority
God is the Supreme Commander, governing all, from the highest general to the private. C.S. Monitor, January 1999

Universal Culture
The divinity of Christ can be found inall cultures and nationalities. C.S. Monitor, February 1999

How I quit sucking my thumb
My Dad told me there was nothing that happened without thinking...there was no way that my thumb would just jump into my mouth all by itself. C.S.Monitor, March 1999

My Favorite Recess
I take recess every day, to find the 'beautiful images of thought' God is giving. C.S. Monitor, April 1999

To conquer the enemy
If we have any enemies at all, they are mental ones: pride and fear. C.S. Monitor, May 1999

Heaven and hell
Even if your concept of God and goodness may seem slight, it can, will, grow to transform your life. C.S.Monitor, August 1999

Qualities such as courage, wisdom, and integrity make a solid foundation that cannot be washed away by storms, no matter how devastating. C.S. Monitor, September 2005

Liftoff with God
The vision of a rising flock of snow geese reminds me to rise each morning in jubilant expectation of God's goodness. C.S. Monitor, January 2005

Unemployed? Think freedom.
My thoughts raced faster than heartbeats. I knew I had to get a grip. I reached out to God for help. C.S. Monitor, March 2004

Love is the power behind nonviolence
Dr. King preached and practiced the biblical concept of 'love your enemies.' He had moved beyond a doctrinal platform to a living faith and comprehension of God as Love. C.S. Monitor, January 2004

God's song
How do we connect with God's messages that heal us? C.S. Monitor, February 2004

Bridging a divide
It is possible to unite in productive action with those who have widely differing views and practices. God is the source of unity. C.S. Monitor, October 2004

Communication as sacrifice
If communicating means intimately working together with others, it certainly does involve a sacrifice of personal opinions, desires and ego. Working together is always more challenging than going it alone. csdirectory.com, October 2004

When you need help fast
There's no formula for quick healing, but these five ideas can help. C.S. Journal, March 2005

Life after graduation
Graduation is the starter's gun at a race. There's this big bang, but it signals the beginning of the race, not the end. What you do with what you've learned, that's the race. C. S. Monitor, May 2002

Beauty from the rubble
Beauty, like holiness needs to be cherished, nurtured, cultivated. It can inspire and support us as we rebuild structures and lives.

'Got him!' What's next?
The capture of Saddam Hussein has thrown down a gauntlet of emotional temptations. The story of Nehemiah rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem helps to support a view of justice and safety.

International Day of Peace
This global 24-hour spiritual observation for peace is meant to demonstrate the power of prayer and other spiritual practices in promoting peace and preventing violent conflict.

Monumental Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments are living laws that can transform the heart and form the fabric of our lives.

My birthday is...
How do you celebrate a day defined by tragedy? Pray for those who lost loved ones. Feel comforted by God and the knowledge of eternal life.

Rules, praise, and self-esteem
Each individual should realize that his or her ability comes from God and know that God approves of each one's unique expression and right action.

'Women Pioneering the Future'
Women everywhere are formulating the moral fabric of the rising generation.

When the teacher isn't right
Think new thoughts about yourself to see what God has to say about your ability.

You're not alone
My tire blew out as I was returning from a late night meeting. A woman alone, stranded. I trusted my safety to God.

Ministering to ministers
At an interfaith service on September 11th it wasn't preaching but the Word of God that ministers wanted.

The first day of school
You can prepare for school by praying with what you know about God.

Almost a woman prime minister
President Kim of South Korea appointed the first female prime minister in South Korea's history. The National Assembly of South Korea vetoed the appointment.

'I didn't want to hire you'
On the first day, my boss called me into his office and said he hadn't wanted to hire me. He'd wanted the other candidate.

Education in the Arab world
Mary Baker Eddy links educational development with spiritual growth. She believed that proper education opened thought to higher, more spiritual dimensions.

Women's rights
Human freedom and fundamental rights must extend to women of all ages. The safety of society and progress of humanity depend upon it.

In God's house
God, who is Love, doesn't create animals to be aggressive. God makes all His creatures gentle and good.

The message of the resurrection is not only that Jesus was saved from death, but that the power of God can raise us from sin, sickness, and death.

A Holy Ghost Story
Halloween, for me, is a day of choice between dead spirits and the living God, between ghosts or the Holy Ghost, between divination or eternal salvation.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Evil
The wizard, at first so foreboding and mysterious, turns out to be a harmless old man pulling levers, using special effects. After Toto, the dog, exposes the man's charade by pulling at a curtain, the whole mystery evaporates.....

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Pearl Harbor remembered
Published 12/2007

From C.S. Journal
Couch potato Christian Scientists?
Each serious student of Christian Science must promptly, persistently, and vigorously shake himself free from the soothing strangle-hold of stay-at-home-itis. Our individual, spiritual demonstration and growth depend on it! C.S. Journal Published 12/1989

Women as "elect of God"
It is a fundamental right of each individual woman and man to understand God and their direct relation to Him. C.S. Journal Published 10/1998

On Witchcraft
Witchcraft and the power of Christ are like the tares and wheat in the Biblical parable. C.S. Journal Published 8/1998

The Rapture is come!
The concept of rapture actually blends two events: the second coming of Jesus and the translation of those saved into the kingdom of heaven. Published 12/1999

Gratitude and God's Election
How can we see good in a candidate who opposes our own views? C.S. Journal, November 2000 Published 11/2000

Challenge Prejudice
The injustice of human opinions can be overcome through divine Love. C.S. Journal Published 2/2000

The Appeal of Spiritualism
Each of us is capable and worthy of hearing God's guidance directly. C.S. Journal Published 10/2001

The gift of baptism
You don't necessarily have to get wet to get baptized. Published 1/2002

Come into God's Castle
For Kids - Wouldn't it be nice to have a castle where you could go to be safe? Published 10/2002

Help with depression
Medication is not the answer to dealing with depression. Healing is about changing thought to the spiritual and feeling God's power. Published 12/2002

Pray on the go
How do you find time for spiritual growth and prayer when you don't even have time to eat? Published 10/2003

The ministry of reconciliation
"To reconcile is to establish a close relationship, to bring oneself to accept another. And the ministry of reconciliation begins with establishing a close relationship with God." Published 3/2003

The healing power of the Scriptures
Jesus' healings and teachings are rooted in the Old Testament. Published 6/2003

Learning to lead by following Jesus
A successful leader helps others to be successful. Leaders translate inspiration into practical solutions. Published 1/2004

Mixed media
How can a consumer of news bring a deeper, spiritual dimension to the mass of multiple voices in the popular media? Published 11/2004

Animal magnetism-evil suggestion and nothing more
If I didn't play along, would my career stall? Published 4/2004

Spiritual empowerment: the road to freedom
There are many forms of empowerment. Even the seemingly powerless can gain control over their lives - if they are willing to turn to God. Published 6/2004

When you need help fast
There's no formula for quick healing, but these five ideas can help. Published 3/2005

Five ideas for quicker healing
There's no formula for quick healing, but these five ideas can help. C.S. Journal, March 2005 Published 3/2005

Staying Aloft
The prayer that heals is the recognition that God is doing the healing. Published 5/2006

Spiritual Preparation and the Good Samaritan
Many people feel overwhelmed with responsibilities to do good for others. Being Christian means that we reflect and multiply God's goodness, not that we use up all our human resources in generosity toward others. Published 11/2007

Up to speed
In life's "everyday stuff," even car trouble, God answers the heart's call for help. Published 5/2009

From C.S. Monitor
To be alone
To feel our unity with God through prayer is not to feel isolated. It is to discern, and experience the riches of His goodness. Published 10/1984

A Joseph Experience
God doesn't throw us into a pit of adversity. Infinite good doesn't impart any degree of evil. Published 4/1986

Swearing: Breaking the Addiction
The healing of profanity may not be easy, but the desire to humble ourselves before God gentles our thoughts and thus our words. Published 3/1989

Bursting the bubble
In my search for a new home, I needed to put aside preconceived notions and learn about the ever-present sheltering nature of God. Published 8/1989

True fatherhood
By making a distinction between the man made by God and what we might call the counterfeit mortal personality, we can honor the Godlike nature of the individual while at the same time rejecting the sin. Published 6/1998

Healing and the Family
A Science exists that has proved to be a significant advance in improving family health care. C.S. Monitor Published 6/1998

The patience and moderation grandparents often express are so needed in young lives. By encouraging and promoting this family relationship, society can bring a gentler influence to children. Published 6/1998

Human and divine rights
Whether we are male or female, our rights are established by God. Let us look to divine Love for the protection and manifestation of individual rights. Published 7/1998

When traditions oppose
Not everyone encounters opposition while obeying Jesus' command to heal the sick and preach the gospel. But to those who do, it is so comforting to be assured that divine Love rewards its seekers and safeguards their progress. Published 9/1998

Prayer and the Presidency
Those in positions of authority need our prayer. God will inspire the content of your prayer as you commune directly with Him. And it will be a blessing. Published 9/1998

All good gifts around us
God wants to give us good. Divine Love isn't passive, waiting for a fortunate few to stumble onto its treasures. Love is active, delivering us from affliction, inspiring our motives and our thoughts, blessing us universally and impartially. Published 11/1999

Feast of Dedication
While the first Feast of Dedication took place over 2000 years ago, the lessons in devotion, courage, and strength are just as applicable this day. More than just a lighting of candles, this dedication is a remembrance of the marvelous power of God to li Published 12/1999

It's not too late to pray
When we pray for others to feel God's comfort, we're really praying that the spiritual sense of being silence the material. C.S. Monitor Published 4/1999

Bumblebees and business
Like spores of pollen, mental concepts touch everything we do. We're spreading either a positive, gentle influence that uplifts and inspires or a negative one that discourages and degrades. Published 10/2000

Freedom of South Africa
Your prayer matters. As the collective human consciousness shifts away from apathy to love, from fear to faith, from human power to divine might, we see God's government made manifest in increasing freedom and justice. Published 2/2000

A year after Columbine
By knowing God as divine Love, the all-embracing power that transcends time and space, we can feel united in Love with those who have passed away. This transcends human affection. Published 4/2000

The Bible identifies several factors as promoting long life: (1) obeying God's commandments, (2) honoring father and mother, (3) refraining from speaking evil, and (4) resisting temptation. Published 6/2000

The gratitude game
Have you played it? There's no loser. Everyone is a winner. Everyone feels happy after expressing gratitude. And sometimes you discover amazing things. Published 8/2000

The last laugh
Humor isn't meant to belittle people or problems. It may help put situations in a better perspective. It can help us to stop worrying and start laughing. It can help us to realize that God is greater than any problem. Published 9/2000

Rosh Hashana
This holiday is full of religious and spiritual meaning. One of the themes of Rosh Hashana is that God is our King and creator. What a beautiful tradition to celebrate a New Year by acknowledging God as the creator, the originator of all! Published 9/2000

The Rapture Revisited
The spiritual view of the rapture is the essence of divine Love healing and saving all Published 10/2001

Freeddom from haunting images and post-traumatic stress
Effective ways to replace fear with courage and confidence enables us to think and act wisely Published 10/2001

Beauty from the rubble
Beauty is necessary. What an arresting concept. It's not an extra or an option if we have time or talent. It's the soul of life, and as such, it's necessary to functionality. Published 10/2001

The mental battle against terrorism
The battle against this evil isn't just military. It's mental. It's resisting the temptation to justify or sympathize with evil. The first skirmish is in our own thought. Published 11/2001

The search for identity
Regardless of cultural or religious requirements, we can right now strive to see the spiritual nature of each individual. Published 12/2001

Resolved: one good deed today
Goodness is universal, and good deeds bless every giver and receiver Published 12/2001

The other Woods
The example of individuals like Granville Woods continues to encourage me. Knowing that others have overcome obstacles greater than those I face inspires me to persevere. Published 2/2001

From loneliness to love
God loves you with an overflowing love that never ceases. Right in the presence of loneliness, divine Love prepares a buffet of blessings for you. Published 2/2001

Blessings that don't melt
As I watch the snow form a blanket, I think of each snowflake as representing a blessing. The action of Love may be quiet, as snow falling. Yet it's always present, blessing me as I'm willing to acknowledge God as good. Published 2/2001

A shoebox of valentines
When you appreciate what's good about people, good gets spread around even more. That's the best kind of valentine. Published 2/2001

A mother's rebirth
Mother's Day is a wonderful time for a fresh start Published 5/2001

Prayer and inheritance
The spiritual view of inheritance leads to peace, assurance and resolution. Published 8/2001

Spiritual Culture and Hispanic Heritage
Reaching beyond human heritage we seek and find our spiritual identity Published 9/2001

Living as an adventure
It's not aging that is the adventure; it's living. Living is the activity of being; the vitality of thinking and doing. Published 9/2001

Your're not alone
God, divine Love, would send someone who was honest and honorable. I was trusting my safety to God, not to chance or random acts of kindness. Published 10/2002

A Holy Ghost story
Halloween, for me, isn't a day of ghouls and ghosts. It's a day of choice, choice between dead spirits and the living God, between ghosts or the Holy Ghost, between divination or eternal salvation. Published 10/2002

Jesus was crucified because of the sin and hatred of the world. He rose again and lived for us to show us the way of eternal life. Published 3/2002

I didn't want to hire you
God was really my employer. God was approving of me. And since God had put me in the job, I felt absolutely calm and confident that God would tell me what I needed to know in order to succeed. Published 3/2002

Life after graduation
After graduation, when I started my first job, I felt a lot of pressure to succeed. But the usual benchmarks for success were lacking. Where were the interim grades that let you know if you were doing all right? I prayed and asked God how I was doing. Published 5/2002

In God's house
A young girl prayerfully discovers that all God's creatures live in God's house and He makes all His creatures gentle and good. Published 6/2002

Women's rights
This is woman's hour around the world, and every woman must share in it. Every woman is worthy to be respected, educated, and safe from exploitation. Published 8/2002

The first day of school
You can prepare for school by praying with what you know about God.There are lots of verses in the Bible and Science and Health that will help you. Published 8/2002

Education in the Arab world
A report authored by a "group of distinguished Arab intellectuals," its purpose is to help "Arab peoples and policy-makers in search of a brighter future. Certainly, we can support such constructive educational goals prayerfully and practically. Published 8/2002

Almost a woman prime minister
When society's shackles and business biases limit or deprive an individual of opportunities, divine Love ultimately removes the barriers to human progress. It's a divine power that melts egotism and fear. Love knows no bias, no restriction. Published 8/2002

My birthday is , , ,
Sept. 11 is my birthday and I can feel blessed. I am blessed despite the worldly circumstances. I am blessed because of my relationship with God. This relationship transcends dates and can't be defeated by them. Published 9/2002

Ministering to ministers
I was touched by a forum for ministers and those studying to enter the ministry in how they were ministering to one another. It was an interfaith service at the All Faith Chapel at Vanderbilt Divinity School on Sept. 11. Published 9/2002

When the teacher isn't right
All these years she had believed her teacher, but she'd never bothered to ask God. Published 1/2003

'Got him!" What's next?
I want to support a view of justice that will help the people of Iraq live in a functioning society as well as bring soldiers home safely. The biblical book of Nehemiah is providing some spiritual direction to my prayer. Published 12/2003

"Women Pioneering the Future"
Mary Baker Eddy - author, editor, lecturer, minister, and Founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist - was familiar with pioneering the future. But I think her most lasting contribution might have been pioneering a spiritual concept of family. Published 3/2003

Rules, praise, and self-esteem
Each individual should realize that his or her ability comes from God and know that God approves of each one's unique expression and right action. Published 5/2003

Monumental Ten Commandments
As the issue of displaying the Commandments in public places plays itself out in the courts, many others are also thinking through the value of these living laws that can transform the heart and form the fabric of our lives. Published 9/2003

Monumental Ten Commandments
As the issue of displaying the Commandments in public places plays itself out in the courts, many others are also thinking through the value of these living laws that can transform the heart and form the fabric of our lives. Published 9/2003

International Day of Peace
I've been considering how my prayers for peace can be more effective on this day and every day. Three thoughts have occurred to me so far. Published 9/2003

Love is the power behind nonviolence
Fear, prejudice, injustice, and slavery still exist. Expressing divine Love is the only way to permanently remove these evils. Published 1/2004

Bridging a divide
It is possible to unite in productive action with those who have widely differing views and practices. God is the source of unity. Published 10/2004

God's song
How do we connect with God's messages that heal us? We need to be quiet, listen, and take the time to connect the spiritual ideas that come to us with their source, God. Published 2/2004

Unemployed? Think freedom
Perhaps freedom comes through acknowledging God as our Employer. God is the supplier of good and has enough places for everyone to be productive. Published 3/2004

Liftoff with God
With a growing confidence in God, I experienced my own liftoff. The circumstances hadn't changed, but my view of them had. Published 1/2005

Rock solid
The Bible associates God with a rock. This rock is the high ground or spiritual insight that gives courage and strength. It is the firm foundation that keeps a person from being swept away in floods of emotion and hurt. Published 9/2005

Mexico's high ideals
Whatever one's hopes were for the presidential elections, it's important to see that the highest answer for social and political problems is divine. It's the divine shining through human consciousness that will support the greatest good. Published 1/2007

The Second Noel
The firt Noel refers to the first Christmas, the occasion when Jesus first appeared in a bodily form as the newborn infant. But how about a "second Noel"? Published 12/2007

System restore for the new year
Being restored is a divine homecoming. Published 1/2008

The Olympics and Breaking Limits
Today's limit is tomorrow's achievement Published 8/2008

Rescuing the rest in Colombia
Praying people are the "special forces" of God. They undertake the humanly impossible and show that all things are possible with God. Published 9/2008

The law of good that overcomes violence
There is a law of good that overcomes violence and the fear of violence and this law of good is a divine law of safety, available to everyone. Published 6/2009

Violence and the invisibility cloak of God's grace
The impluse of God's love gentles violent impulses. God's abundant grace is embracing and protecting each one in the cloak of divine safety. Published 7/2010

From old patterns to new discoveries
Every individual can make discoveries by opening their thought to new ideas. Published 1/2011

Embracing Tucson after the shootings
Prayerful ideas to quiet fear and neutralize the effects of hate with compassionate prayer Published 1/2011

In the aftermath of tornadoes: Practical affection is prayer in action
Compassion and caring can comfort those in any disaster area, whether personal, community, or global. Published 5/2011

A day without violence
The Christ message is present year round to prevent violence Published 12/2012

Rescue from the mud
We are all united in working as men and women of God praying for the safety and health of mankind Published 3/2013

The disappeared
No one can disappear from Gods awareness or be separated from Gods love. Published 11/2014

Thanks for National Bible Week
The need for turning to the inspired sense of the Scriptures is no less compelling now as was the first annual National Bible Week during World War II. Published 11/2014

Christmas: extraordinary, not ordinary
Millions acknowledge Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of prophecy. Yet billions know nothing of the Christ promise of eternal life and salvation from sin and sickness, or have rejected it. The healing, saving message of Christ needs to be repeated. Published 12/2014

Resurrection from Grief
"[H]ealing grief has to be more than a momentary glimpse of eternal life." "Spiritual resurrection would have its evidence in new views of happiness, companionship, and satisfying activities right here and now. I could accept resurrection for myself and Published 8/2014

A prayer for child migrants
Each individual lives in the spiritual kingdom created and governed by God. God's kingdom is a spiritual state of consciousness, the consciousness of God and His harmony. In God's warm embrace, each one has a loving and safe home. Published 8/2014

Reason for hope
Hope is rooted in a conviction of God's presence, power, goodness, and government of the universe. Published 4/2017

Women of courage and vision
In fields ranging from physics to civil rights, six women are being honored this month in recognition of National Women's History Month. In 1995, Mary Baker Eddy was inducted for making "an indelible mark on society, religion and journalism." Published 3/3001

From C.S. Monitor
What an effect even a moment of softness can have on our families, our workplace, and even our community. Published 1/1989

From C.S. Sentinel
Stepparenting: a spiritual perspective
The spiritual approach to family relationships brings solutions to challenges of a stepparent. Published 4/1986

Inspiration that stirs action
An inspired idea is the appearing of the Christ in individual consciousness and we must live the divine inspirations that come to us. Published 9/1986

Astrology, palmistry, and other superstitions can seem harmless until we realize that indulging them is actually turning us away from relying on God. Published 9/1989

Spiritual healing - it really happens
To experience the healing power of God, a fundamental change in our understanding of God and man is required. C.S. Sentinel Published 12/1990

Kids and divorce
An article for children showing how prayer helps resolve issues of divorce. C.S. Sentinel Published 11/1992

Stopping sexual harassment through prayer
Prayer doesn't shut our eyes to discrimination; it lets us see how to put an end to wrong. Published 3/1992

Reincarnation - or life in Spirit?
Jesus' teachings and works show us something wonderful about the nature of our true existence in God. C.S. Sentinel Published 6/1992

Saved from attack
Prayer corrects a situation of being threatened by another person and feeling helpless. C.S. Sentinel Published 6/1994

Challenging corruption
Through obedience to God's law the weakness of self-justification is replaced with the strength of self-discipline. C.S. Sentinel Published 6/1994

Prejudice in the workplace overcome
Appreciating the Christlike qualities of man strengthens relationships. C.S. Sentinel Published 12/1996

Dealing with rude people
Divine Love is the powerful presence of God. Human assertiveness is a pale substitute. C.S. Sentinel Published 10/1997

Start with a fresh slate each day. C.S. Sentinel Published 11/1998

Daily forgiveness
Letter to the Editor, C.S. Sentinel Published 12/1998

A modern-day Passover: from bondage to healing
No matter how long a problem has lasted, understanding the nature and power of God leads us to healing. C.S. Sentinel Published 4/1998

Fearless Mother's Day
Looking for new ways to show support for your mother - or father? Help them challenge fear and regain their independence and dignity. C.S. Sentinel Published 5/1998

Wasps in the Roof? No problem.
As we demonstrate our dominion over the "little things" in our daily lives, we prove that all of God's creatures move in harmony. C.S. Sentinel Published 7/1998

How to stop hate and its effects
By cultivating an ability to listen to the Christ in human consciousness, we are engaging a divine defense system. C.S. Sentinel Published 9/1998

Hate Met With Love
We can utilize the power and grace of divine Love, God, to uncover and defeat prejudice, exclusivity, racial separation, and isolation. C.S. Sentinel Published 1/1999

Fate: no cause for fear
Your life is not at the mercy of fate. God governs. Published 10/1999

How to prevent illness
This article refers to two methods of prayer: machetes and helicopters Published 12/1999

What about anti-Christ?
Christ overcomes anti-Christ - the denial of Christ, or that which opposes divine Truth and Love. C.S. Sentinel Published 4/1999

Listen...God is speaking
How important it is not to ignore God's messages just because we don't see how they apply to us. C.S. Sentinel Published 6/1999

Your best defense
Now is a good time to recognize God as your true defense. C.S. Sentinel Published 8/1999

How consciousness relates to body
What is the prayer that heals acute symptoms and cures chronic ailments? It is one's consciousness of God. C.S. Sentinel Published 9/1999

The Glass Sunroof
Each of us has a divine heritage to claim and infinite blessings to enjoy. C.S. Sentinel Published 3/2000

Working But Still Poor
How can one be rescued from economic quicksand? C.S. Sentinel Published 5/2000

No Formulas in Marriage
I didn't know what love was. "Your decisions will masteryou whichever direction they take." Mary Baker Eddy, C.S. Sentinel Published 6/2000

God's News
I turned away from the television - and toward God as my news source. C.S. Sentinel Published 10/2001

Stepping up our mental alterness from alert to ALERT Published 11/2001

Six Stages in the Search for Truth
We tend to believe almost exclusively what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Spiritual Sense enables a person to perceive God, and this results in an improved life. C.S. Sentinel Published 4/2001

Successfully Challenging Age Discrimination
Be-and be seen as-a force for positive change Published 6/2001

The Power of Forgiveness
"I know a woman who wrote 490 times "I forgive so-and-so." But nothing changed. C.S. Sentinel Published 9/2001

Prayer: an investment security
Real value and growth spring from creativity, integrity, productivity, service, and quality. Published 11/2002

To face terror with prayer
While riding down the mountain, I prayed to quiet fear and establish a feeling of universal safety. Published 12/2002

Pulling Back the Curtain on Evil
The wizard, at first so foreboding and mysterious, turns out to be a harmless old man pulling levers, using special effects. After Toto, the dog, exposes the man's charade by pulling at a curtain, the whole mystery evaporates.... Published 3/2002

Radio Sentinel Talk
Elise Moore talked to Steve Carlson about what could have been a roadblock in her career, and how she went forward. Published 4/2002

Peace through reconciliation
"It's turned out to be a relevant, if not controversial, topic." Published 4/2003

Three points on staying alert. C.S. Sentinel Published 11/2004

What Christian Science Is and Isn't
When someone asks about Christian Science, how do you explain it? What are the common misconceptions? For answers we turned to three longtime Christian Scientists for a round table discussion. Published 8/2005

Only One Intelligence
"Mind is the creator. Creation is thought, and is spiritual rather than physical." Published 1/2006

5 ways to dispel fear and chance
We can exchange the shock and uncertainty of random living for the consistent health and security found only in God. Published 10/2006

Fountain of Good
The list of worrisome, often terrifying, world situations seems endless, but God's fountain of good is greater. Published 12/2006

Finding the home that is right for you
Take a little time to identify the qualities of home that are important to you. Then recognize that you already include them. Published 2/2007

God is holding on to you
We each have a choice. We can drown in doubt. Or we can let the Christ, Truth, lift us up. Published 5/2007

The immigrant'sspiritual journey home
There's practical truth in St. Paul's words that we "live, and move" in God. Published 9/2007

Practical spirituality can put a stop to suicide
Sadly, more than a million people commit suicide annually. Regardless of demographics, hope can rise at any moment in the human heart. Because of this, there is nothing inevitable about suicide. Published 3/2008

Safe From Harm - Your Divine Right
Safety, as the law of divine Love, is available to absolutely anyone. Published 9/2008

To break the hold of addiction
To those struggling with addiction there is hope. There is a law of God, good, operating and acting to protect what is worthy and to remove what isn't. Published 9/2009

Defending girls' educatin in Afghanistan
God is the infinite, divine Mind, which includes all right ideas of equality and justice for every individual. Published 3/2010

Keeping the feeders full
An alive church is like a bird feeder. Visitors and newcomers feel welcomed when a church is full of love, spiritual understanding and evidence of healing. Published 2/2011

Blessed not depressed
God's grace is breathing hints of hope into the remotest corners of our frozen spirit. The Divine tenderly resuscitates right thinking, right action, right progress. Published 3/2011

From CSdirectory.com
Subject: Doctrine of Atonement
Talking about this week's Bible Lesson: Communication as sacrifice Published 10/2004

From Daily Lift
God's mercy
No matter where we are God's mercy is there to uplift and transform and redeem us. Published 10/2009

Forgive yourself
The Lord's Prayer talks about forgiving. God forgives us and we can forgive ourselves just like we forgive others. Published 12/2009

Defending our thought
A way to keep worry from hacking into our thought is to think 10 affirmations of spiritual truth for every worry thought. Published 8/2009

Hope isn't the human mind pretending that everything's going to be okay. Hope is the Christ shining in our hearts and leading us towards God; it is the divine that shines through the human. Published 1/2010

Keep the feeder full
Keeping our thought full of inspiration and understanding leads to healing. Published 11/2010

Hidden Cove
The twists and turns of daily life can't hide God's love for you. God's healing power is plain to see. Published 12/2010

God bless my . . .
"God bless my enemies, make them Thy friends." What a wonderful prayer for family, friends, co-workers, everyone. Published 3/2010

Sowing seeds of Love
Wherever we are and whatever we're doing we can sow the seeds of Love and reap the harvest of God's goodness and blessing. We can sow seeds of Love through our prayers, our conversations, our moral actions. Published 5/2010

The freedom of self-government
We are free to govern ourselves through God. You are free to be who you really are, the beloved creation of God. Published 7/2010

Running the good race
Stay stress free by thinking God-thoughts. Published 10/2011

Pot of thought
Elisha's instruction to throw meal into the pot of stew that contained a poisonous herb made the stew edible. Put only the meal of Christ Truth in your pot of thought, keeping it healthy with Christly inspiration and understanding. Published 3/2011

Teflon power
When we fill our thought with spiritual ideas from God, it acts like Teflon. Evil or negative thinking has nothing to stick to. Published 4/2011

Waves of divine Love
Let the waves of divine Love wash you with comfort and healing. Published 8/2011

Call 91:1
We can call 911, Psalms 91:1, anytime we need to feel God's safety, or health and protection. Published 10/2012

Still with thee
We can be still with God; calm and assured of God's comfort and healing power Published 11/2012

Better than a placebo
A teaspoon of sugar of divine Love? Choose Love, the structure and substance of your being. Published 2/2012

Behind God's back
God has erased our mistakes. We don't need to remember them, because God doesn't remember them. Published 3/2012

Stay in the Kingdom of God
God's kingdom isn't a future place but the conscioiusness of God right here and now. We enter God's kingdom by being conscious of God's goodness, power and grace embracing you, here. Published 5/2012

God's name is Love
Every time we speak the name of God, we are calling on the power of divine Love to help and to heal us. Published 6/2012

Fountain of life
Let's think of ourselves as part of this beautiful fountain of life, with God lifting you up to find your place and purpose. Published 8/2012

The ten virgins
Let's keep our lamps filled with the oil of loving kindness and cultivate character filled with patience that will take us gracefully through trying situations. Published 9/2012

Up, up and away
Think of a hot air balloon ride as a spiritual metaphor for lifting our thought to fresh views of God and God's creation. Published 1/2013

The lost element
The Christ is the healing message of Jesus Christ that was rediscovered by Mary Baker Eddy. The Christ is God's infinite love, gracious goodness, almighty power that protects and saves. Published 11/2013

God can set you free
Do you want to let go of the past? Are you ready to stop feeling that you were ever a victim? Ask God to be free and God will do it. Published 5/2013

The breath of God
In the stillness of spiritual sense, you can see and feel God's profound presence and healing power. Published 6/2013

One new idea
What makes life exciting? One new idea or inspiration each day keeps life exciting, joyous and a divine adventure. Published 7/2013

The fourth man
In 1914, Ernest Shackleton made an arduous journey in Antarctica, accompanied by the fourth man, the Christ. Published 9/2013

God in the workplace
Know that God is at work in the workplace bringing all things together for good. Published 11/2014

Loving your neighbor
What is the motive for filing tax information accurately, besides a legal obligation? The motive for me is Jesus' command to love my neighbor as myself. Published 4/2014

Perfect God, perfect deer
Animals truly are spiritual and perfect and have this perfect, complete, whole, spiritual identity of God - safe and protected in the love of God. Published 8/2014

From Herald of C.S.
Letting go of Resentment
Forgiveness and the healing of resentment are such important issues. But when it comes to forgiving others, sometimes we rebel. But resentment impedes our progress. Published 10/2000

Freedom from abuse
Regardless of where they live or what their economic status is, it's important for women to realize they have a right to be respected by the men in their lives. Both men and women are blessed as they realize that equality is a divine right. Published 4/2000

From Herald of Christian Science
United in prayer
All of God's ideas are gathered in divine Mind, permanently reflecting intelligence and immortal life. No one is isolated or left struggling alone to find God. Published 1/2011

From Other Publications
The Star of Bethlehem in our hearts
A special star shone. The star heralded the coming of the Christ. Gently, silently, brightly a star appeared for all to see. Why didnt everyone see it? Those who looked up, who were not so busy with themselves and their own plans, saw the new light. Published 12/1994

Can we pray about sexual harassment?
If we pray and our prayers are not immediately answered, don't be discouraged. Perhaps the lesson is to first overcome fear by understanding more about the power of God. Published 10/1995

Ability to handle failure lessens violence
We can contribute to lessening crime and violence by instilling in ourselves and others a desire and ability to handle failure and frustration, rather than letting it control us. Published 11/1995

Overcoming fear through prayer
I was scared. My husband was out of town. There had been voices occasionally calling back and forth coming closer and closer to the house. Published 12/1995

Gratitude at the holidays
Mom had been praying this entire time. Not pleading with God to do something, but the prayer of praise. Knowing that the nature of God is good and that God naturally provides good for His children. Published 12/1995

Do a good deed today
Perhaps if we think of Christ Jesus as the model for action, we will be willing to look for opportunities to express love to one another. Published 12/1995

Christmas and the stranger
Most of the immigrants which we see in our community will not be home for the holidays. If we help just one individual far from home, the universal message of Christmas will be seen to shine through us. Published 12/1995

Obedience saves a life
My mother had learned that God speaks to us. She had learned to be willing to listen at all times, and to obey. Published 2/1995

Listen for the other guy, too
God is talking to us 24 hours a day. Dont discount thoughts just because you dont see how they apply to you. It may be to bless someone you dont even know! Published 3/1995

When teens listen to God...
If we will be still in our thought and be receptive always, in a junkyard, driving to work, we will be available to listen and obey, to do His will and be a blessing to ourselves and others. Published 4/1995

Storm watch with prayer
Whenever a storm warning or watch crosses the TV screen or is announced on the radio, I think of Elijah. God was not in the destructive forces of earth; the hurricane, earthquake, fire, tornado or flood. God is constructive not destructive. Published 5/1995

What are we praying for?
We may be visualizing money or a spouse or a job. God may have something better for us, which we will miss entirely because we are so absorbed with our own self-thinking. Published 6/1995

The elements of prayer
Instead of thinking of prayer as a monologue, us talking to God, what if we consider prayer as a dialogue? We praise God, affirm what He is and what He does, in order to lift our thoughts Godward. Then we listen for Gods thoughts to us. Published 6/1995

Prayer protects from chance
Chance claims that bad things happen, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. But God governs His creation through the law of good not through chance. The law of God protects us from chance. Published 6/1995

He is never too busy for deepest questions
Who is your father? That can be a tricky question. Some do not know their "real" father and consider a significant man in their life as a father. Published 6/1995

Teaching children through love
Nurturing a love of God and teaching children of Gods protecting love for them will give children a solid foundation from which they can learn to pray. In this way, children will learn to turn to God when they are afraid or need an answer to their probl Published 7/1995

Prayer on the roof
I was on the roof and so were the wasps. I prayed to see these creatures as God saw them. As God's child, there was no reason why I couldn't see them as under the law of God, governed by God. Published 8/1995

Prayer for the community
Perhaps its time for us to join together mentally and pray for just 5 minutes each day for the safety of everyone in the community. Our prayers will help silence evil impulses so that the voice of Christ is heard and obeyed. Published 8/1995

Overcoming fear of heights
To Jesus, height meant altitude of thought, getting closer to God spiritually. So I could think of climbing the scaffolding as demonstrating my freedom from fear and confidence in the power of God. Published 8/1995

Preparing children spiritually for school
Spiritual growth for our children is as important as providing nutritious meals. Proper nutrition is vital to the physical development of children. Spiritual nutrition is essential to their spiritual development. Published 9/1995

Prayer's role in competition
Competition is a natural part of school and life. In its higher sense, competition causes people to exceed their perceived abilities. At its worst, competition is winning regardless of the cost. How does prayer fit into competition? Published 9/1995

Prayer on the train
She told me that prayer didnt have any limits on it. My prayer was blessing anyone who had a need and was receptive. If someone was turning to God for help, they would be blessed by those affirming Gods goodness and power. Published 9/1995

Life is eternal
We miss seeing those who have traveled on, but we can be assured that they are living and loving and progressing. The 23rd Psalm has a profound spiritual insight into the specific nature of eternal life. Published 9/1995

God speaks to everyone equally
Everyone can begin to listen to God, be protected and blessed, even when they aren't sure who He is. Published 9/1995

God is the source of intelligence
Human environment and genetic heredity may argue that some children are inherently more intelligent than others. But turning to God as the only Mind can free children from such limitations. Published 9/1995

When God's word is not what we want to hear
In honor of Martin Luther King, I was thinking about a courageous Ethiopian who spoke the truth even when it was unpopular. Ebedmelech was a high-ranking Ethiopian who served Zedekiah, king of Judah from 597-586 B.C. (Jeremiah 38). Published 1/1996

Walking with God in a snowstorm
I thought I had been praying. Wasnt I asking God to help me? Wasnt I asking Him to send me someone to take me home? But right there in the biting cold, I realized what was wrong with my prayer. Published 1/1996

Start the New Year with gratitude
Gratitude does not come once a year on Christmas. Learning to maintain an attitude of gratitude will sweeten lifes experiences, renew our enthusiasm, reveal Gods power over our lives. Published 1/1996

How to pray? The Lord's Prayer
This most fundamental of prayers which we teach our children as well as rely on ourselves can meet every human need. Published 1/1996

Healing through overcoming fear
Overcoming fear is the first step in effective prayer. Jesus often began his instructions to patients and disciples by telling them not to be afraid. Published 10/1996

Faith as a grain of mustard seed
How can we nurture our faith in the power of God? First by planting our faith in good soil or a human consciousness rich in morality, strong in willingness to put God first. Published 11/1996

Don't be fooled by the mask
There is an aspect of the human mind that plays Halloween every day. Published 11/1996

Ten thoughts of praise
The essence of Thanksgiving is acknowledging God as the Giver of good. Praising God comforts. Praising God lifts sorrow and burden. Praising God heals. Published 12/1996

Taking chance out of Christmas
Have we confused the chance of Santa with the certainty of Christ? Do we make lists of request hoping that a few will be answered by a benevolent God? Do we think of God as arbitrary, overworked, remote (residing at a heavenly North Pole)? Published 12/1996

Public speaking with prayer
Do you freeze in front of a crowd or avoid speaking in groups? Do you worry about saying the right thing? Gods answer helps anyone praying about public speaking. Published 12/1996

Thou shalt not steal or cheat
I realized there was no such thing as cheating just a little or justifying stealing. One is either affirming Gods presence and ability to guide us, or one is ignoring God. Published 3/1996

Thou shalt not kill another's joy
Thou shalt not kill. I prayed to have God reveal how this commandment could be relevant to my life. Immediately the thought came, dont kill anothers joy. Published 3/1996

There is always time for prayer
Whether in a closet in a hotel room, walking to a destination, or driving a car to work, God is providing us with opportunities to pray and listen for His guidance and inspiration. Published 3/1996

Dealing with rude customers
Instead of rankling at injustice and unfair criticism, we can take the opportunity to affirm our spiritual nature and metally bless others. Published 3/1996

Thou shalt not covet
The underlying theme of much advertising is to awaken the covetous inclination of people. Coveting is big business. How can we defend ourselves from covetousness? Published 4/1996

Thou shalt not commit adultery
Proving our love by having sex without marriage is like the ancient ritual of sacrificing to idols. Sex is like an idol. We are worshipping idols when we put sex before obedience to God. Published 4/1996

The resurrection thought
Are we like Thomas? There are Christians whose faith in the Word of God, the promises of the power of God to heal and save, is shaken by the world around them. They become mesmerized by world events. This is what happened to Thomas. Published 4/1996

Legal implications of bearing false witness
God, who is all-seeing and infinite Love, will not permit one of His beloved children to be harmed by a lie. Published 4/1996

Prayer can help with exams
Communion time with God always prepared me for the day ahead. As God's reflection, I expressed the Mind of God. Whatever God knew, I knew by reflection. Published 5/1996

Memorial Day and the 23rd Psalm
On this Memorial Day we remember those faithful men and women who have given their lives in defending the right of freedom. Published 5/1996

How to handle change at graduation
If graduation is a time of change and uncertainty, trust that God has a good purpose and path for you to follow. Published 5/1996

A perfect Mother's Day commandment
Honor thy father and thy mother: . . . Sometimes mothers need loving support. Rather than being afraid for them or justifying their fears, we can help mothers challenge fear and regain their independence and dignity. Published 5/1996

Thanksgiving in July
As we were enjoying foods in July traditionally associated with November, I began thinking about gratitude as a year-round event. Shouldnt we be just as conscious about giving gratitude for all blessings in summer as in fall? Published 6/1996

Bible's Joseph is good model for fatherhood
Defining fatherhood in terms of spiritual qualities helps each of us express more of the Father-nature of God. Published 6/1996

A tribute to Jacqueline Kelly
Since neither death nor life can separate us from the love of God, then we cannot be separated from one another. We are eternally united in God. Published 6/1996

Truth brings freedom
True freedom is based on honesty, obedience and boldness in the truth. We will never win our own and others permanent freedom by keeping silent over immorality and wrong-doing. Published 7/1996

Thrill is accepting good in everything
Confidence in one;s goodness, that man is the child of God, endowed with ability to express good qualities, enables us to challenge mistakes and overcome them. Published 7/1996

Resolve arguments with grace
Our opinion might be right. Our words might be eloquent. But right words pounding against a closed door will not reach the heart within. Grace is the key that unlocks the door. Published 8/1996

Live in the now
It is tempting to live in the past or dream of the future instead of doing today. God is pouring forth abundant good today. Lets not miss todays good. Published 8/1996

How to pray when we have too much to do
God does not give us more than we can do, nor does He give us too little time to accomplish His work. If the demands seem extraordinary, turn to God trusting that He has an extraordinary supply of right ideas. Published 8/1996

Appreciating silver medals in our lives
Rather than reiterate and exaggerate our mistakes, isn't it wiser to start with our successes? Published 8/1996

Where to look for advice?
God is the one source of advice that is always correct. Published 9/1996

What God does; what we do
Psalm 37:3-5 states specifically what man is to do and what God does. Published 9/1996

Calculus teaches flexible thinking in life
If we are patient, persevere and are willing to be flexible mentally, we will grasp important spiritual ideas which will help us through the homework of daily life. Published 9/1996

True repentance is love of good
Freedom from depression, confidence that something good can happen, happiness are found in God. The good you are looking for is pouring out to you from this spiritual source. God, divine Love, is talking to you 24 hours a day. Published 1/1997

Martin Luther King Jr. teaches us important lessons
I pray to not be impressed by the intensity of another's hatred or ignorance or violence. I pray to be a woman of God as M.L. King was a man or God. Published 1/1997

Herod thinking would kill the Christ
How do we combat the Herod-thought and protect ourselves and others? As the wise men did, through prayer to God and a willingness to listen and obey God's direction. Published 1/1997

God isn't too busy
One might question praying about lost tickets. Isnt God busy with more important matters? God is not a human being with a limited schedule or limited capacity. God creates harmony and order. It is not an effort for Him to maintain it. Published 1/1997

God meets every human need
As I stood in the dark looking at a very flat tire, I turned in wordless prayer to God. God instantaneously met the human need and prayer kept little foxes of doubt from spoiling my peace as I waited on the road. Published 10/1997

Handling success
How do we pray to overcome feeling guilty about success? The answer is to think less about yourself and more about God. Published 2/1997

Message of Easter is 'never give up'
One of the many messages from Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection is never give up. Published 3/1997

The time to pray is now
Daily prayer is an effective protection. We need to pray daily to be delivered from evil, as Jesus taught in the Lords Prayer. Prayer does prevent evil from succeeding. But we need to do it. Published 5/1997

Even mothers need "mothering" at times
Mothering is something we all can do. True mothering is something we all love to receive. Published 5/1997

Having a childlike summer
Perhaps we need to worry less and appreciate more the good that we have. Be a little less rigid about schedules and activities. Embracing the childlike qualities will often restore joy and balance to our lives. Published 6/1997

Being there
One of the most important qualities of fatherhood is simply . . . . being there. Published 6/1997

Freedom from fighting
July Fourth is a celebration of national independence, but isnt it a great time to celebrate freedom from family discord? Published 7/1997

Make a new friend today
It takes unselfishness to make the time to get to know someone. What if we prayed to speak to just one person that we dont know and have them feel appreciated and included? Published 8/1997

God is holding on to you
The next thing I knew instead of breaking into a canter, the horse went straight up into the air and proceeded to bounce stiff-legged around the ring. Published 8/1997

Diffusing angry situations with prayer
In an age when people are killed over minor disagreements, it behooves us to listen to Jesus answer to aggressive arguments, Get thee behind me, Satan! Lets rise in the strength of God rather than allow the level of anger and confrontation to rise. Published 9/1997

Success is feeling loved by God
Money, friends, family, job or accomplishments never seem enough and often involve factors beyond our human control. Published 1/2003

From Spirituality.com
Freedom from post traumatic stress
Turning to God in prayer opens the door and allows God's angel messages to enter thought Published 10/2001

Prayerful on-the-job training
How do you know whether a particular parth is divine direction or a mistaken notion? Trusting God at every step we can see God's unfailing love and guidance. Published 3/2001

How do you get inspiration from the Bible?
Many visitors to spirituality.com are familiar with the Bible, but others find that it's a closed book. This audio chat asks and answers the question "How do you get inspiration from the Bible? Published 8/2005

Flexibility by the numbers
I've found that if I'm flexible, I'll understand. Published 11/2006

Prayer: an effective resource for health and healing
What is the starting point for healing prayer? How can we pray to overcome long- and short-term challenges to health? Published 5/2006

From The Daily News Journal
Murfreesboro Article
Lecturer finds true joy in her faith Published 11/2005

From Upper Room Prayer Focus: My Neighbors
Apples of Gold
"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold inpictures of silver. -Proverbs 25:11 (KJV) Published 9/2004

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