About Elise

Elise began healing herself and others in high school using Christ Jesus’ teachings as explained in Christian Science. After a successful business career in sales and marketing, Elise entered the full time healing ministry. Contact Elise for more information on class instruction.

Elise has served as a chaplain for a homeless shelter; given talks in prisons, university classes, to youth groups and care facilities; and organized interfaith conferences, inter-religious programs, adult literacy programs, and an after-school program for minority youth.

Elise has lectured for the Christian Science church on the Healing Power of the Bible, God is Speaking to You, Curing the Incurable and other topics on five continents and in more than 300 cities in English and Spanish.

Elise and her husband, David, have two children and six grandchildren. In their free time, they enjoy travel, the outdoors and watching birds.

Contact information:

Elise L. Moore, C.S.B.

2480 Winding Pl, Tucson, AZ 85749

Phone: 615-321-3080